Business travel is a common occurrence in many areas of economic activity. However, not everyone enjoys these trips. Business trips take away the time we could spend with our family and create additional stress instead of quiet office work.


One way to get rid of this stress is to organize your trip well. Start by finding the best transfer company in your city. By booking your airport transfers and airport transfers with a reliable transport company, you will be able to avoid a myriad of problems associated with your trip. 


Why do you need the best transfer company and not the cheapest taxi? Because this is a business. You cannot afford to miss your plane. It is very expensive, much more expensive than the difference in price between a cheap taxi ride and an airport transfer from a reliable transport company. 


How does a cheap taxi ordering service work? In most of these companies, it is impossible to book a transfer to the airport in advance, several days or weeks before the trip. Your order will be accepted only 3-4 hours before the start of the trip, in the best case – the night before. The dispatcher will take your order and “hang” it on the exchange, that is, it will become available to any taxi driver who wants to take it. If no one takes it like that, the maximum you will receive is a dispatcher’s call 15 minutes before the start of the trip, and indistinct mutters about “sorry, we cannot fulfill your order …” 


That’s it; you’re late for the airport. Your plane took off without you, you lost your hotel reservation, missed a business dinner with your partners, and ruined an important meeting with a client. You prepared this project for two months and lost everything in a few minutes. This happened when you typed in Yandex or Google the query “transfer to the airport,” and instead of spending 10-15 minutes looking for a transfer company, you just clicked on the first link that came across like “taxi to the airport, cheap and fast!” 


When you book a transfer to the airport from a reliable transfer company, you reduce the likelihood of such events to almost zero. Your order will be processed, and a car with a driver will be assigned no later than 6 hours before the start of the trip. You will immediately receive SMS and email messages indicating the driver’s contacts and vehicle data. In a normal transfer company, it would never occur to anyone to risk your transfer and try to squeeze 10 trips a day out of each car. This explains the difference in price. 


One more point. When you book a transfer to the airport with the best transport company, you can always pay for the order on the website. This is very convenient because you don’t have to pay cash and wait for the taxi driver to find your change. Not every taxi can provide such a service for customers on their website. The presence on the site of accepting payments with a direct connection to the bank guarantees that you are dealing with a real official company that works “in white” and pays taxes. Such a company values ​​its reputation and will not risk a penny profit. 

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