What To Do If You Have Not Met The Driver When Ordering A Transfer From The Airport?

If you periodically order a transfer to or from the airport, then most likely, you have already encountered situations when it is difficult to find a driver at the airport.


You arrived, went through passport control, received your luggage, go to the arrivals hall and start looking for a driver standing in the hall with a sign. But he is not.


He sees on the airport’s online scoreboard that you are arriving at Terminal F of Sheremetyevo Airport. Naturally, after your flight arrives, the driver goes to Terminal F and waits for you there with a sign. But for some reason, your plane landed in the nearby Terminal E. It is clear that neither you nor the driver knows about this.


You didn’t notice the driver in the crowd. Many flights arrived at the same time. Customs, passport control, and baggage claim are not doing well. More and more passengers are gathering in the terminal; at the same time, a stream of greeters arrives, zwho is already standing in the arrivals hall in a dense crowd. It turns out that you were not the only one who ordered a transfer from the airport to the city! Leaving the baggage claim area, you see a large number of welcomers with signs.


In general, Highland NC painters believe that we are categorically against such amateur activities and prohibit drivers from using tablets. The fact is that the battery in the device may be discharged, and it will simply turn off. Or, it enters sleep mode, and the display turns off. Therefore, if you notice a person in the arrivals hall holding a tablet with a blank black screen, do not be lazy to ask if he is meeting you. Even if not you, let him pay attention to the fact that his chances of meeting someone in this way tend to zero.  


This was a brief overview of situations in which customers, having ordered a transfer from the airport, cannot find a driver. Of course, we are not considering completely absurd cases. For example, when you forget your name as a result of a long and tiring flight. Or the driver decided to play with you and hides the sign behind his back.